Pairing iconic styles with digital functionality that is anything but ordinary, What? Watches place the focus not on time, but on how you choose to spend it.

introductionWhat if you could save the moments that really matter? What if you could make them last forever?

What?Watch are mono-functional watches where tradition and innovation is blended perfectly. The first collection 'Stop the time' offers a new way to interact with time, saving moments and creating detailed stories with the companion app What?Now.

In the same way, lifestyle and e-commerce come together as a perfect blend on the What?Watch site.WWW.WHATWATCH.COM

Stop the timeStop the time. Cherish the moment. That's the idea behind the first collection of What?Watch.

To capture the essence of time and memories the site uses looping videos and animated elements. Together with the use of playful typography, it creates a striking visual language that makes What?Watch stand out from the crowd.

AN E-COMMERCE WEBSITEWhat? watches can only be bought online. In order not to compromise the lifestyle feel of the brand, a custom solution integrated with Shopify was built from the ground up.

The user journey and the content are designed to showcase the watches and streamline the shopping experience with intuitive user interfaces used on both desktop and mobile.

Design and production
Video production
Monami agency
Robert Lindström Photography